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CONTACT FOR ADMISSIONS - POLYTECHNIC :7588099803, FOR ENGINEERING : 9405159181, FOR PHARMACY : 9422770966     प्रवेशासाठी कृपया पुढील क्रमांकावर संपर्क साधावा : पॉलिटेक्निक :7588099803, इंजिनिअरिंग :7588099801, फार्मसी : 9422770966

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  • Prof. Sambhaji V. Sagare has been appointed as the new Principal of Mahavir Polytechnic

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  • Various College Committee List

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  • Circular For One Time Opportunity for 5th & 6th semester of 'G' Scheme Students".

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  • Now,our Institute has been registered at National Digital Library of India.Students and Staff can avail & access 12,721,133 of NDL items such as book, articles, theses, manuscripts, audio lectures,video lectures. NDL has been developed a framework of virtual repository of learning resources with a single-window search facility. For more details contact Librarian at Library.

    NPTEL IIT Bombay has established it's local chapter at Mahavir Polytechnic.
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  • 1. .How and under whose authority the procedure of admission does takes place? Ans:The Competent Authority duly appointed by the Government of Maharashtra and headed by the Director of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, shall be the authority for Centralized Admission Process (CAP).

    2.What is the eligibility criterion for a candidate seeking admission to First Year Diploma Courses in Engineering /Technology? Ans:For admission to first year of Diploma Courses , the candidates must have passed Maharashtra State Board of Secondary School Certificate Examination or any other equivalent Examination With minimum 35% marks (in best five subjects which includes English, Science, and Mathematics subject) in aggregate.

    3.What is the eligibility criterion for a candidate seeking admission to Direct Second Year (third Semester) Diploma Courses in Engineering/Technology? Ans:For admission to direct second year diploma course the candidates must have passed H.S.C/12th standard OR students have passed ITI/MCVC/NCTVT with technical subjects

    4.What is the fee structure for admission? Ans: Fee structure is decided by Shikshan Shulka Samiti, Govt. of Maharashtra.

    5.What is the admission procedure for First year/Second year Polytechnic? Ans: FY Admission : a) Centralized admission process (CAP), -- as per DTE. b) Institute Level admission : As per merit list of S.S.C. Percentage of applied candidates. c) For Centralized admission process : please visit

    6. Is it necessary to purchase the Application Kit? Ans:Yes. The Application kit contains the Application ID and Password to register the name of the candidate and fill the form Online. The information brochure will be given along with the Application Kit. The candidate is supposed to read the brochure carefully and fill the Application form.


    Various College Committee List

    (Academic Year : 2019-20)

    Name of committee Name of Staff Department Email Contact
    Canteen  1. Ms.Dokhale R.R.  Civil 8888639296
    2. Ms.Patil S.B. Electrical 9503292019
    Water Tank-Cold water  1. Ms.Hase P.V.  Civil 9730938968
    2. Mr.Ahire Y.T. science 9403401596
    Housekeeping 1. Ms.Gadhe V.V. Mechanical 9561809800
    2. Ms.Page S.B. Civil 7841859491
    Garden 1. Ms.Bhalerao P.A. Mechanical 9960241957
    2.Ms.Lohakare A.N. Electrical 9689315819
    Bus 1.Deshmukh A.A. Civil 9422783228
    1.Jadhav N. R. Computer 7507924521
    Security 1.Khairnar S.K. Electrical 8600915070
    2.Tupe N.N. Civil 9850995598
    NBA 1.Mr.Sonawane A.D. Computer 8888799078
    2.Ms.Patil A.R. Science 8055991262
    Alumini 1. Mr. Sagare S.V. Mechanical 9423361398
    2. Mr. Bhamre S.V. Science  7588099803
    Guest Lecter  1.Gosavi V.S. Civil 9730152509
    2.Ms.Bhosale G.A. Computer 8329615520
    Industrial Visit 1.Ms.Pradhan J.D. Electrical 9552154137
    2. Mr. Wable S.M. Mechanical 8605058856
    Attendance Monitoring  1.Ms. Sonawane G.A. Computer 9404510330
    2.Ms.Khutade N.D. Mechanical 8446230811